"Our family had been waiting for just the right time when our boys were old enough to get a dog.  Finally, this year, we started looking at different breeds as my husband needed a dog that was hypo-allergenic.  When I ran across the Bolognese, I just fell in love.  As I talked to different breeders, I knew I found the right person when I met Linda.  She immediately got in touch with me and we spoke multiple times to make sure all my questions were answered, even when she had many things going on in her life.  

After he was born, she sent me pictures when she could and when it was safe.  I felt so good that she put the health of the puppies and their Mom as a first priority. Then, I fell in love when I saw our little "Luca" in person.  We travelled to Michigan from Arizona to pick him up, and he was absolutely amazing as we traveled back to Phoenix.  He was so quiet that we didn't even hear him bark until 3 days later.  Everyone in the airport couldn't believe he was a real dog, we are told he looks like a stuffed animal!!  

He's been sleeping through the night since we got him and has not had a single accident in his crate.  Our three boys, ages 15,11,& 9 are absolutely in love with him.  He is super playful and gets along with everyone he has met thus far.  The Vet we took him to was very imprssed with all the records and declared him extremely healthy.  And best of all, my husband has not even sneezed one time since Luca arrived home!  We are so fortunate and blessed to have met Linda and to have Luca as part of our family."

-- The Collison Family, Phoenix, AZ.

"I bought this years ago and found it the other day.  It is exactly the same size as ROMEO.  I think it looks so much like him don't you?"

Karyn - Massachusetts


"Hi Linda -  just wanted to give you a quick update. I took Teddy to his first grooming appointment today. He did really well and gave his groomer kisses the entire time! I just had them give him a bath as I want him to get used to the experience in case we want to get his hair cut when he is 
older.  He looks so handsome!  Teddy is such a smart boy, we can tell he is learning new things every day. He also gives great cuddles and I love my new morning routine which includes at least 30 minutes of cuddling with Teddy. He has not met a single person he does not love, and every person that meets him talks about how sweet and cute he is. He is already a celebrity on the college campus where I work!  People request "puppy therapy" sessions with him and I have a long list of people who would love nothing more than to puppy sit.  
Both my mom and Victor's mom are completely in love with him as well. Teddy loves spending time at my mom's house as Honey the Golden Retriever has become his best canine friend. It is so precious watching them play and then nap together.
We are so thrilled to have found the Bolognese, you as our breeder and Teddy the perfect puppy!"
Thank you again!
Barbara & Victor


"Linda, I just wanted to give you a quick update as to how Peanut is adjusting to his new home here in Atlanta.  He has made me and my family so happy.  It is such a pleasure to have him around.  He brings us joy and happiness and a sense of fulfillment in my home.  He is so playful and curious about everything around him.  He does things that put smiles on our faces and joy in our heart.  I take him everywhere with me (even to work most times).  My boss and coworker adore him.  I have to fight to get my baby back from them (lol).  Everywhere I go people are always asking me questions about him.  It feels so good to have a puppy like Peanut, such a Rare Breed, that leaves people clueless.  My husband and sons are amazed at how peanut has brought such joy and happiness to us, that we have been missing in our lives and home."

"P.S.   I love it when he finds a spot on you to just snuggle up to, and especially when he stands on his two back legs and barks when he is trying to communicate.  He has so much energy and runs around in our backyard.  Peanut notices everything around he.  He is a very smart puppy."

Debbie Christie



Email :




"We are the owners of a Bolognese named Lulu.  She will be 7 years old on Christmas Day.  We had another dog named Buttons.  Last June, Buttons passed away at age 14.  My heart was broken.  I didn't know if I could get another dog.  The middle of August I decided to start searching for another Bolognese.  Our Bolognese Lulu has been the perfect dog.  She is smart, obeys, is a loyal friend, and cute as can be.  I contacted many breeders, but when I contacted Linda of Snow White Bolognese, I knew she was the one.  She had a little girl waiting for me.  We got her in September.  We named our new little girl Lizzie.  Our little Lizzie rode all the way home to Missouri with our Lulu next to her.  They were so great.  We drove 12 hours with no accidents.  Lizzie  is now 12 weeks old and has stolen our hearts.  She has been sleeping all night in her little kennel from the get go.  As Bolognese are, she is very smart and is so much fun.  The Vet is so impressed with all of her records.  Thanks Linda for another sweet Bolognese.  I love these little doggies. They are so easy to train.  You can't go anywhere without comments on how cute and cuddly they are."


Gina B.


"Rocco is very relaxed in his new Colorado home, and has adapted well to his family.  He is such a great little boy, so playful and full of love for everyone.  He has the best little personality.  He loves chasing leaves in the backyard and showing us how fast he can run!  He is learning to use his puppy pad and we take him out frequently.  He is a little bundle of joy.  We have not laughed this much in our house in a long time.  Thank you for raising such a cute little guy.  We all love him so, as does everyone who comes to visit."  

David, Michelle, and Lauren


​​"Meet our new Baby.  She is so, so precious . . .  She is a Snow White Bolognese beautiful puppy.  Her name is Bella.  Be​lla and Earl love each other sooo much.  She sleeps all night and I never hear a word from her until 7-8 AM.  She never cries or barks-it's unbelie​vable. OMG she is the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I cannot believe how smart she is. I love- love this p​recious little girl.  I cannot express the happiness she has brought to us. She is pretty much potty trained now.  When we took her to the Vet last week she weighed 2.7 pounds.   Love to all our family and our Breeder, Linda."    

Earl, Lynda, and Bella  



"When I first spoke with Linda, I knew she was a special breeder.  The Bolognese is rare and there are only a few excellent breeders and Linda is definitely one of them.  I was so nervous about buying from a breeder I had never met but Linda quickly put me at ease.  We talked and emailed and she picked me a little angel.  Luca is so sweet and smart as a tack. At just 11 weeks Luca is doing the “sit” command and walking like a little trooper.  Luca is an Italian name that means “bearer of light” and he is definitely the light in my life.  Thanks Linda…I know all your puppies are precious…but I can’t help believing that Luca is extra special."

Kathleen Zebraski



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Luca Bolognese

"Teddy is such a joy! He is doing great, in fact he is currently cuddling with my feet :) He definitely has personality plus and is very intelligent. It only took a few days for him to learn how to walk on a leash and we love taking him on walks. He LOVES rolling and playing in the grass. The vet was also quite impressed with his health and demeanor. Thank you for such a great puppy!"

Barbara & Victor




"Bearer of light"

 Honey and Tucker are very intelligent, sweet puppies who love people and attention....they make great company. It's so much fun watching them romp together.  Linda, you raise beautiful, healthy babies...thank You

Dale and Arlene 

New Brunswick


"Ciao Linda:

Thank you so much for your support through the process of getting our beautiful little Quintina home.  You have done an excellent job with her.  You are obviously one of the best breeders out there and I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone considering a beautiful Bolognese puppy.

Mille Grazie!

Tony and Linda Di Clemente and family

​Mississauga, Ontario, Canada"