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Bella likes to style her hair in a "puppy cut" in the summer



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It was time in my life for a dog.  Not just any dog but one that met my long list of requirements.  It needed to be hypoallergenic, non-shedding, a loyal companion, small, adaptable to my lifestyle, friendly, not a yapper, and more.  After a year of research I discovered the Beautiful Bolognese. The more information I gathered about the Bolognese the more I knew i JUST HAD to have one of those Darling Dogs!  The Bolognese breed seemed to have everything I was looking for and met all of my expectations.  I placed my deposit on a future litter and waited a year.  So, this was a 2 year process for me.  

I will never forget picking up my new puppy, Bella, at the airport.  Our eyes met and we bonded on the ride home.  She was a very tiny bundle of soft white fur. This little girl had a face so beautiful and doll like that she could have passed for a stuffed animal.  I held her wrapped in a blanket in my arms while we drove home.  She was so calm and loving, you would never have guessed she had just completed a 10 hour journey on an airplane.

She was extremely adaptable and even allowed me to sleep later in the mornings.  She quickly became my best friend and I was amazed at how intelligent she was.  She was easy to train and always seemed to be a step ahead of me.  It was as if she was reading my mind.  Her mission seemed to be to "please me."  She stole my heart!

I very much wanted to become a Bolognese PUPPY  breeder of the best quality Bolognese lines. I am a Registered Nurse and this training has come in handy with my Bolognese Breeding Program.  Also, I was blessed to have an experienced and knowledgeable Mentor to educate and guide me throughout my learning process. I am a reputable and ethical Bolognese dog and puppy breeder in Michigan,  and I am dedicated to preserving this Snow White Bolognese Rare Breed Treasure!